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Future Forward: Revealing Educational Innovation


Established in 2022 and registered in Austria, Neda eLearning Solutions mirrors my profound dedication achieved over 15 years across diverse roles in integrity and compliance education, education administration, eLearning, and the digitisation academic and professional education programmes. I am Khusraw Parwez, and I am here to personally guide you through an enriching and transformative learning experience.


Through Neda eLearning Solutions I channel my efforts towards introducing pioneering eLearning concepts in academic and professional projects, specifically focusing on various topics within social and political sciences. Four fundamental core values steer my commitment to eLearning project design and implementation:


Neda eLearning Solutions passionately transforms diverse eLearning projects, implementing digitisation initiatives across varied contexts for transformative education experiences.


Neda eLearning Solutions applies analytical thinking and human-centered methods, ensuring flexible, communicative eLearning projects.


Neda eLearning Solutions views projects as art, bringing imagination and creativity to generate innovative ideas and solutions for remarkable outcomes.


Neda eLearning Solutions optimises projects through efficient planning, process optimisation, and effective communication, ensuring efficient resource utilisation.


Neda eLearning Solutions can help your eLearning project in three following areas:


Digitisation Hub

Management and Coordination

Online project management centre

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