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Established in 2022 and registered in Austria, Neda eLearning Solutions mirrors my profound dedication achieved over 15 years across diverse roles in integrity and compliance education, education administration, eLearning, and the digitisation academic and professional education programmes. I am Khusraw Parwez, and I am here to personally guide you through an enriching and transformative learning experience.

Collaborating with a diverse international cohort of experts in integrity and compliance education, education technologists, multimedia and graphic designers, as well as developers, I, as an eLearning specialist, intricately merge cutting-edge techniques. My hands-on experience spans various eLearning authoring tools (Adapt, Articulate Rise, Evolve, Vyond, and more) alongside the esteemed Moodle and other learning management systems. The projects I lead are steered by core values: passion, innovation, creativity, and efficiency.

Equiped with a diploma in Digital Learning Design, a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics, and a master’s in Anti-Corruption Studies, my commitment is deeply ingrained in promoting principles of integrity and compliance. Education is not just a professional segment; it serves as the cornerstone for me, crafting advanced eLearning programmes that range from concise online courses to comprehensive academic degrees.

Embark on a collaborative journey where your academic and professional aspirations align with carefully designed eLearning initiatives personally overseen by me. Each project mirrors my unwavering commitment to reshaping traditional learning, utilising human-centred methods, and meeting challenges with a problem-solving mindset.

Visualise my eLearning projects as skillfully produced tools, sharpened by imagination, creativity, and efficiency. Rooted in thorough planning, process optimisation, and effective communication, these projects epitomise efficiency in resource utilisation.

Join me in initiating a collaborative journey that reshapes the landscape of education through boundary-excelling projects, redefining the artistry of eLearning.

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